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Types of Surveys
° Telephone
° Online
° Focus Groups
° Intercept Interviews
° Mail Out Surveys
° Mystery Shopping

Types of Research
° Primary
° Secondary

° Market Research
    and Consulting
° Research Design
° Questionnaire
° Recruiting
° Moderation
° Fielding & Coding
° Tabulation
° Data Analysis
° Reporting

  WE LISTEN. We learn about your needs, your concerns, your goals. Years of research experience spanning business, products, services, and other situations gives us the ability to quickly understand what you're trying to achieve and define what information you need to discover.
WE KNOW HOW TO ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. We are able to craft questionnaires and processes unique to your issues that results in a true representation of relevant opinion.
WE UNDERSTAND PEOPLE. We know who to ask, how to ask, when best to reach them and we find out what they really think.
WE KNOW HOW TO INTERPRET DATA. We excel at interpreting the data we are given and/or that we collect We are able to extract a wealth of information for you and turn it into easy to understand summaries. With that understanding we know you will make decisions that lead to increased sales.

A lot goes into every one of our research projects.
    Although every situation is unique, the following components
      and services are typical:
    An in-depth discussion to identify issues, opportunities and goals.
    Secondary research for further definition.
    An expetly designed research instrument.
    Meticulous, accurate data collection methodologies and data coding.
    Cross-tabulations of survey data.
    In-depth written analysis of findings and strategic recommendations.

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